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November 26th 2019

“I love playing live with my looper rig! Using only my guitar, I’m able to lay down a backing of beats and bass to play to! I’m able to create a whole song live, right there on the spot! Getting the entire room into the same rhythm inspires and moves me!”

Brittany’s Story

“My insecurities, get the best of me. Screaming louder than my toughest argument.” – “Say Things” by Brittany Sword

Brittany Sword (pronounced brit-n-ee sord) is an American Indie Pop Singer-Songwriter with a world twist. Her music dives deep into self discovery, it seems to be a mantra of sorts for her both musically and personally. Many times life has thrown her into battles that seemed impossible to conquer but, with God and her music, she was able to make it through. Though some of her songs deal with heavy subject matter, her light and positive personality paired with her percussive guitar style playing, makes for an other worldly and upbeat performance you can get lost in. In most of her music you can hear the stories of self reliance, love, fighting losing battles, rising back up and finding peace again. Her unique writing style stems from a mix of sultry jazz, blues, alternative rock, pop and folk, these influences come together to form her down to earth style. Brittany’s multi-instrumental background melded with her charming charisma, creates an enchanting listening experience you can feel whether it be at home or live in concert, you won’t forget her.

Though Brittany, has only just begun her solo career, she has already hit the ground running. With concert dates and recording sessions on the books, 2019 is shaping up to be a successful first year! She has recorded and performed for several years with her husband Cory Bedford, in the alternative folk duo “The Stress Vine”. She still enjoys writing and recording with The Stress Vine and is also excited to have the opportunity to show case her solo material on stage.

Brittany Sword’s first single “Say Things” (available for free download at deals with her own struggles of perfectionism and perceived lack of abilities. The lyrics paint a picture of battling with a nagging voice in her head that says “give up”. But, the fight is won in the chorus’s ending lines about “waking up” and speaking out against the untrue negative thoughts. “Say Things” is only available to email subscribers.

“Brittany Sword” is her given name. She had been singing into her hairbrush since she was 7 and started writing lyrics at age 12. As early as she can remember, Brittany would create entire symphony pieces in her head as she’d run in the yard and play in the woods. Writing music had always came very naturally and she knew this was her calling in life. Her influences are vast, from Nora Jone’s, Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin, Evanescence, Highly Suspect and many more. Brittany is a lover of music and art with her favorite style of art being abstract and poetic.